Global Studies

Chinese dumpling-making

On 4 February, students and staff from our China Studies program met up at Aarhus Kollegiet in Brabrand to make jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) in a belated celebration of Chinese New Year. The students got a hands-on lesson in Chinese culinary culture, as they learned to make dumplings from scratch – preparing the filling, making the dough, rolling it out and folding it around the filling – with the help of some of our Chinese colleagues. In the end, their hard work paid off when they got to eat their fill of delicious jiaozi with three different types of filling.

In Northern China, it is traditional to eat jiaozi on the eve of the lunar new year. There is even an old tradition of adding a coin in the filling of one of them, and whoever manages to get it will have good luck in the coming year (somewhat similar to the Danish tradition of adding a single whole almond in the risalamande on Christmas Eve).

A special thanks to Yufei Ouyang, Jiang Qiuyu and Jiayuan Zhou for arranging the event.

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