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Explore the BA and MA opportunities our department has to offer:

Brazilian Studies

Brazilian Studies  focuses on Brazil with references to Portugal, the former colonizer, as well as other former colonies, such as Angola and Cape Verde. Courses also situate Brazil in the South American context..

China Studies

China Studies at Aarhus University is a language-based area study that offers you a systematically arranged set of courses on the BA- and MA-level, taught by an international staff of experts.

European Studies

The MA in European Studies focuses on the current situation in Europe, including the challenges Europeans are facing, the potentials for transnational solutions, and the cultural, social and political processes shaping Europe.

Global Area Studies

Global and Area Studies is a cutting-edge M.A. program developed to understand Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, and Southeast Asia in a global context. GLAS is a flexible program that is designed in a way to cater to individual career paths.

India and South Asia Studies

The studies focus on the transformations of dynamic societies through the use of different disciplinary approaches to study the complex social fabric, political conflicts, and historical background as well as the current rise of India and South Asia in a global context.

International Studies

International Studies is a cutting edge take on global affairs that fuses a top-down and bottom-up approach. Students are encouraged to have an open mind while building strong but flexible and transferable knowledge, in preparation for real world scenarios.

Japan Studies

Japan studies offer a BA as well as a MA program that deals intensively with history, sociology, and political science, providing students with a very broad and deep understanding of Japan.

Russian Studies

Russian studies at Aarhus University offers extensive language, cultural and social training in an important world region. It focuses on learning the Russian language and offers expertise in culture, society, politics and history.


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