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Here you can learn more about the Global Studies Department at Aarhus University. Whether you are a current or future student, or simply a curious member of the public, you can get informed about ongoing activities and future events. We also invite you to discover the exciting experiences of our students abroad and the cutting-edge research of our staff on our website.

“Global Studies” in one of the most diverse departments of Aarhus University, home to students and staff alike, united in their interest in studying and researching a variety of cultures and societies across the world. We take pride in our diversity and strive for connecting local knowledge and world-views to global perspectives and the relationships between them.

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  • globalstudiesau
  • globalstudiesau
  • globalstudiesau is designed as an interactive and creative digital meeting place for students and staff of all areas and across all academic levels. It includes digital resources feeding into the teaching and new projects and is primarily run by students and department staff.

This site includes sections from the fields or internships around the globe, blogs, a thesis bank showcasing talent, success stories, event news and much, much more.

This common digital platform aims to help overcome existing area boundaries between study programmes, assist students in locating themselves in the wider department, serve as a useful guide to future students as well as maintain ties amongst former students. Through this website, we also strive to make our Global Studies Department work available to wider audiences.

Our community of ‘globalities’ stretches beyond Aarhus and Denmark and includes alumni and partners elsewhere.

Join us and become a part of it.

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