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Welcome to! This is a homepage primarily run by us students and staff from the Global Studies Department at Aarhus University. Our primary aim is to inform current, and future students as well as a wider audience about the ongoing activities within the department. We hope that you enjoy reading about the exciting experience of our students abroad and the cutting-edge research of our staff. Please visit our page regularly to keep yourself updated on the many events we are organizing.

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“Global Studies” in one of the most diverse departments of Aarhus University. It is home to students and staff alike who are interested in studying and researching on a variety of cultures and societies across the world, including Brazil, China, Europe, Japan, India / South Asia, and Russia.

We take great pride in our diversity and focus on in-depth and intimate knowledge of these areas, while being equally interested in broader connections between them. We seek to understand local life-worlds and world-views while at the same time striving to embed them in larger global contexts and perspectives. Spanning the local and the global brings in various layers and frames such as the national or regional, but none of them is viewed in isolation.

Similarly, despite a firm grounding at Aarhus University, a community of globalites is going beyond Aarhus and Denmark – involving alumnis, partners and interlocutors elsewhere.

This common digital platform contributes to overcome existing area boundaries as embodied in study programmes, to assist students in locating themselves at the wider department, but also to maintain ties with former students as well as orienting future students. is designed as an interactive and creative digital meeting place for the students and staff of all areas and across all academic levels (BA, MA, PhD etc). It provides information about the ongoing projects of our fellow students, research of our staff and helps sharing experience within and across areas. It is set up as an open social platform that facilitates and intensifies interaction between students, staff, alumni, and the general public. As a resource platform it also assembles digital resources (recorded lectures, podcasts, theses bank) feeding into the teaching and new projects.

Therefore, it includes sections such as postcards from the fields or internships around the globe blogs, a thesis bank showcasing talent, success stories, news about events and much, much more.

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