Global Studies

Semester abroad in India

By Jacob Holdgaard Jensen

Spring semester in Benares School, Deolali:

We spent the spring semester of 2023 in Benares, a boarding school in Deolali, India. We started our semester abroad in Goa, which is a great vacation spot. 

From Goa we went to Benares where our semester started a few days later. It was great to get to know your way around Benares and meet and interact with a lot of different people. 

When the temperatures in Benares rose too high, we went to Ramgarh in Uttarakhand for the last three weeks of the semester. Ramgarh is located in the northern India, right by the Himalayas, and the nature there was quite breathtaking. 

We also visited cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. 

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