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Global and Area Studies is a cutting-edge M.A. program developed to understand Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, and Southeast Asia in a global context. The core belief of the program is that understanding the cultural, social, and political dimensions of the local is a necessary precondition to making sense of the global. With this in mind, the program extends the existing knowledge while simultaneously traversing the regional borders. This is ensured by joint teaching elements in all courses that includes all regions. The multifaceted knowledge provided by this program may bring important answers to the multiple global challenges we are facing.

Degrees and Opportunities

GLAS is a flexible program that is designed in a way to cater to individual career paths. In particular, the second year allows the student to choose between an academic or applied route. The academic profile is sharpened by the choice of an elective at AU or any of its other partner universities. Practical experiences can be gathered through a study-related internship in the private sector or at a public organization. In essence, a wide array of jobs that require an international perspective is open to our graduates. Specific area expertise that also includes the language has often proved to bring a comparative advantage in the search for employment.



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