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Internship at Erhverv Aarhus/ International Community

After a canceled internship and a break due to corona, I finally got the chance to do an internship right here in the middle of Aarhus. My journey as an intern at Erhverv Aarhus/International Community began in August 2022 and wrapped up on January 2023. I applied for the position because of the organization’s focus on internationals in Aarhus (both on a professional and personal level), which seemed like a good fit for the focus of GLAS.

While the name of my position was ‘Communication and SoMe intern’, due to the structure of the organization, there was so much variety and teamwork across the different areas. I actually got to do so much more: Event-coordination, media production, website-building, etc. I was challenged to try out new things, and my responsibility grew slowly with every passing month.

The experience

I think one of the most exciting – and frightening – experiences was the launch of my first ‘solo event’, which I was tasked to coordinate. Its purpose was to build a bridge between the Danish association-life and internationals in Aarhus through a fun evening event, where clubs- and associations would come pitch their activities to the audience.

Did it go as planned? Absolutely not! But I grew from the experience and brought it with me to the next event I had to coordinate, where the positive response from the attendees was amazing. In general, I think that my internship gave me an opportunity to see how the work done from behind a desk, actually has an influence on people in real life. In effect, I  brought the practicality of my studies to the table.

It also gave me the opportunity to see Denmark – and Aarhus especially – from a completely different view. It made me more aware of both the political, cultural, and social aspects that internationals have to navigate when relocating to this city. 

While my internship didn’t have a direct link to Japan or Japanese culture, it was an enlightening and challenging experience that brought me the opportunity to put my knowledge in perspective on top of gaining hands-on experience.

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