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When people hear about Japan they immediately think about its popular culture or its cuisine. There is barely a person that does not know about anime or sushi. Yes, Japan Studies at Aarhus deals with those themes. However, our program deals with much more than. We have Japan experts from various disciplines focusing on history, sociology, and political science. Using history, we aim to locate Japan’s history in a global context to understand the country’s long path to modernity. Using sociological approaches, we look at the consequences of Japan’s post-growth economy for the individual, the family, and society as a whole. Approaches from political science help us to understand Japan’s role in ensuring peace and stability in Asia. Learning about those issues is not only interesting, but they also bring important answers to many challenges we are facing in our societies.

Degrees and Opportunities

Japan studies offer a BA as well as a MA program that deals intensively with the above-mentioned issues. Students of our BA program will be trained to understand Japan from a historical, sociological, and political perspective. Being trained in those disciplines provides students to get a very broad and deep understanding of Japan. 

The special feature of our program is that we have a very applied Japanese language training. Japanese is not only taught as a mean of communication but is actively used within the different subjects as it is our belief that knowing the language is crucial to conducting research on Japan. 

In our MA program, Japan is put in a larger global context. By having joint lectures with students from Brazil, China, India, and Russia Studies, students understand how Japan relates to other parts of the world, recognizing similarities and differences. Students of the MA program are expected not only to read but to formulate and express their ideas in Japanese. 

A stay abroad in one of our numerous partner universities in Japan, among others located in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kobe, is an important element of our BA and MA program. It allows students to deepen their knowledge of Japan and to expand their personal as well as professional networks. 

Students are not only Japan specialists when they graduate from our program. They are equipped with many other skills that allow them to work in a broad range of fields. Our former students have succeeded to be employed by international organizations, ministries, universities, schools as well as by the private sector.

Further information regarding the program and the entry requirement can be found here:
For Japan Studies (BA) click here.

For Global and Area Studies (MA) click here.

Partners and Activites

Our program is embedded in a global network of institutions and global leading Japan researchers allowing a seamless flow of ideas and exchanges. Our researchers work actively with ministries, think tanks, and other universities across the globe, creating very dynamic research and study environment.

Partner Universities (exchange)

Friday Bar

Join us the first Friday of each month for drinks, socializing, and networking with other students in the Global Studies program. See you there!

Language Café

Welcome to our weekly Japanese Language Café! Join us to practice speaking Japanese, connect with other students, and improve language skills in a fun and interactive setting. All levels are welcome!

Ongoing Research Projects

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