Global Studies

Semester abroad in Kyoto

By Jonatan Bruun

A five month exchange at Doshisha University, Kyoto:

 During my time in Japan, I made a lot of new friends, saw a lot of shrines and had a lot of great memories with my new friends. I joined two different circles, where I played tennis and juggled.

One of my great experiences was with some friends from the juggling circle. We went together to Universal Studio Japan, where we tried a lot of rollercoaster, went to Waterworld and got water everywhere and saw took a lot of photos.

In the golden week in start of May, I went to Okinawa and saw the clear and beautiful ocean. I also went to an aquarium where I saw a dolphin show. Lastly I went to Okinawa World, which has a lot of different attractions: First a cave system, then an orchard. Afterwards, I went to an arena, where they had different kind of amazing shows.

I look forward to going to Japan another time, which might be more permanent, but for now my study in Denmark continues.

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