Global Studies

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of our global studies department

The Department of Global Studies unites an international team of researchers and PhD students who are engaged with six geographical areas – Brazil, China, India and South Asia, Japan, Russia and Europe – or pursue a both conceptual and analytical approach in ‘International Studies.’ Within the different areas, each scholar has her/his field of expertise, carries out original research, often in collaboration with partners in or outside of Denmark. 

Their approaches are interdisciplinary, emphasizing the importance of history and anthropology, cultural and gender studies as well as political science, sociology and economy. While the starting point of individual research is the area of expertise, projects often go beyond the geographical borders and look at transnational or international interactions, developments or trends from a comparative and/or global perspective. This is also visible in a variety of research projects carried out at the department, the titles of which are “European Colonial Heritage outside Europe,” “Chinese Migration in Europe,” “Observing social trust in the everyday workings of welfare states – Romania and Denmark compared,” “Migrant Youth in Aarhus and Lisbon,” “China Sounds Abroad: Mobility, Migration, and Modernity,” “Political History of Anti-politics and Populism in Europe” (amongst others).


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