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International Studies is a cutting edge take on global affairs that fuses a top-down and bottom-up approach. Students are encouraged to have an open mind while building strong but flexible and transferable knowledge, in preparation for a variety of real world scenarios.

Degrees and Opportunities

The Master’s program in International Studies is a response to the ever-increasing globalization of the labor market. Employees everywhere now have to be  involved in more and more interdisciplinary contexts, where the international dimension is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, the programme includes teachings in subjects such as history and cultural analysis, but also in international politics and project management. The composition of the education will broaden your understanding of the world we live in.

In the first year, the programme includes courses on global society, global political economy, modern global history, global thought, international project management, and global politics. During their third semester, students can choose between engaging in  work placement or an international study exchange. The last semester is dedicated to writing a thesis. The core courses provide the students with transferable knowledge they can then use during their work placements and in their future careers.

When you complete your studies with us, you get a Masters in International Studies. Our students get jobs in local, regional, national and international organizations. The functions they assume include research, communications, policy, public administration, project management, education and many others. In terms of economic sector, our graduates end up being employed mostly in the private and public sector with a small proportion getting jobs in civil society organizations.

Partners and Activites


We have many partners in Asia, Latin America, Oceania, the US and the EU. We have a very strong relationship with the Global Studies Consortium and facilitate student exchanges with other world class universities.




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