Global Studies

Global Drinking Project

kickstarting at Sandbjerg

On 16 -18 March, in the charming setting of Sandbjerg manor in Southern Jutland, members of our department took part in an international workshop. It was organised as part of the Global Drinking Project – an initiative of the Global Studies Department, aimed at exploring global phenomena through the lens of drinking practices and cultures. The workshop has been funded by the Strategic Pool for Research of the School of Culture and Society, and is the first step towards the publication of an edited book.

Led by Chiara Bresciani (anthropologist and part-time lecturer in the MA in International Studies), the workshop brought together academics from various countries such as the UK, Australia, Ecuador, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. Research covered by the presenters spans across five continents and focuses on the multiple effects of globalisation on different local contexts.

Anemone Platz (Japanese Studies) and Uwe Skoda (India and South Asia Studies) jointly presented their research on the role played by traditional Indian and Japanese rice liquors in the construction of national and regional identities in Asia. Chiara Bresciani and Werner Hertzog (University of Zurich), introduced their comparative work on global corporations and drinking cultures in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Among the themes that emerged from the presentations and discussions have been the role played by global trade, commodification and industrial production in shaping consumer cultures and constructing value, and how beverages contribute to define social capital and colonial and post-colonial nationhood.


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