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China is in the media every day, and it is for good reasons that mostly the focus is on its political and economic development. China is challenging the (Western) world in many ways, and while it is geographically far away, it is very close, as almost everything seems to be “Made in China” today. But this has not always been the case, and there is much more to explore. Our point of departure is present-day China, and in order to analyze and understand its dynamic and internationally complex situation, we approach China from different perspectives and through a variety of academic disciplines. Based on a strong focus on language learning, you will engage with China’s politics and history, culture and society, to investigate and fathom what is commonly called the “Rise of China.”

Degrees and Opportunities

China Studies at Aarhus University is a language-based area study that offers you a systematically arranged set of courses on the BA- and MA-level, taught by an international staff of experts. Language learning goes through all semesters, and it would surely be an advantage if you could fall in love with Chinese characters. Parallel, you will approach China’s (pop) culture and society, politics and economics from different academic perspectives, historically and contemporary. You will engage with and in research and writing, learn to work with Chinese sources (e.g. newspapers, documents, movies, (social) media etc.), and gradually increase your expertise.


Semester 1 and 2 provide intensive language training, while two additional courses introduce you to “China Today” and important aspects of Chinese history. In Semester 3 language training continues, and you will be prepared for a semester abroad at Beijing University (Sem. 4). In the following two semesters (5 & 6) we encourage you to actively use and work with Chinese texts, e.g. in translation, text reading and textual analysis, but also in advanced courses on Chinese culture & history, society & politics. Throughout the semesters you will actively engage with a variety of academic theories and methods, which enable you to approach your BA-project (Sem. 7), while taking up your minor (tilvalg, Sem. 7 & 8). Click here to see the academic regulations.

With a BA Degree in China Studies you have two possibilities to further improve your competences and language skills at the MA-Level: First, in our two-years Global Area Studies (GLAS) Master Program you will join students from other Area Studies and, while including and improving your language competence, learn to approach China in a global perspective, historically as well as theoretically and practical. In the 3. Semester (Profil Fag) you are free to arrange a China-related internship, before approaching the MA-thesis in the 4th semester. Click here to see the curriculum.

Secondly, you can go for “Chinese as a Foreign Language” in our MA-minor (tilvalg) program, focus on language didactics and linguistics, theory and practice, and qualify as a Chinese language teacher. Here, you will spend the first semester at the “School of International Chinese Study” at East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai. Click here to see the curriculum.

China will surely continue to be of global significance. Your MA-degree in China Studies therefore provides you with an important area expertise, that enables you to communicate with China and critically provide and assess any information related to it. Opportunities arise from your commitment and enthusiasm, often depend on your engagement and flexibility as well as openness to experience. With your knowledge and competences, you are attractive for companies, organizations and institutions which are active in China. You may also want to approach the vast field of media, film and communication, engage as project manager in cultural exchange programs, or become a Chinese language teacher. Based on your scholarly interests, you can also decide for an academic career and apply for our PhD program.

Partners and Activites

Teaching programs

With regard to the teaching program, we collaborate with the “European Chinese Language and Culture Program at Peking University”


and with the “School of International Chinese Studies” at East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai.


Activities are usually arranged via our “Teahouse”. The come-together arrangements consist of film screenings, presentations of alumni about their work-life, and of BA/MA students about their thesis projects. We may also invite “special guests” or arrange special events, e.g. on Chinese New Year. Student suggestions are always welcome! Click here to see the "Teahouse".



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