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Practicing Traditional Chinese Calligraphy

Pracicing Traditional Chinese Calligraphy On October 11th, China Studies welcomed enthusiasts to embark on a cultural journey through traditional Chinese calligraphy. The event began with an insightful exploration of the history of Chinese calligraphy, emphasizing its deep-rooted significance in Chinese culture. Attendees got a glimpse at the intricate strokes and characters of this beautiful art. …

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Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk A China Studies cultural exchange On the 23rd of September, the Chinese exchange students and the Danish students of Chinese Studies joined us for a walk along the city during a beautiful autumn day. Linkedin Instagram Facebook Twitter All China Studies 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students participated and had a nice …

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Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

China Studies Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival Last Friday, September 29, China Studies at Aarhus University brightened the evening with a celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This cherished Chinese festival, known also as the Moon Festival, symbolizes unity and togetherness under the full moon. Originating over 3,000 years ago, the Mid-Autumn Festival has deep cultural roots. …

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China Studies’ Naja Morell Hjortshøj defends her dissertation 

China Studies’ Naja Morell Hjortshøj Defends Her Dissertation On 21 June, Naja Morell Hjortshøj successfully defended her PhD dissertation and obtained her PhD degree.  Naja’s thesis was titled “Educating citizens for a modern socialist country: an anthropological study of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities”. Linkedin Instagram Facebook Twitter Naja investigated the Chinese state’s …

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Meina Jia Sandal defends her dissertation

Meina Jia Sandal defends her dissertation On 23 February, Meina Jia Sandal obtained her PhD degree after successfully defending her dissertation titled “Daigou: Transnational Flows, Relatedness, and the Reproduction of the Chinese Family”. Meina’s dissertation explored how Chinese women in Denmark had utilized their connections and the knowledge and social capital they had acquired as …

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