Global Studies

Chinese New Year Celebration

2024: Year of the Dragon

On 9 February, staff from our China Studies program arranged an event with ESN Aarhus and Studenterhus Aarhus to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Students got a chance to experience plenty of Chinese New Year traditions, such as writing red couplets expressing good wishes for the coming year, and making jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) and tangyuan (a sweet dessert made with gloutinous rice flour), both of which are traditional New Year’s foods.

The students also got to practice their Chinese language skills in a fun and informal way, by singing karaoke and watching the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, which is broadcast throughout China every year for Chinese New Year.

This year is the year of the dragon. Unlike in the West, dragons in China are seen as benevolent beings who symbolize good luck and prosperity.

We want to thank our colleagues from China Studies and everyone else who participated for making it a night to remember!

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