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Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

Last Friday, September 29, China Studies at Aarhus University brightened the evening with a celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This cherished Chinese festival, known also as the Moon Festival, symbolizes unity and togetherness under the full moon.

Originating over 3,000 years ago, the Mid-Autumn Festival has deep cultural roots. It honors the moon goddess and signifies a bountiful harvest. At our event, we explored the festival’s history and enjoyed homemade mooncakes, which represent completeness like the full moon itself. We also savored traditional Chinese teas. 

Our attendees engaged in crafting beautiful lanterns and learned the intricate skill of paper-cutting.

We extend our gratitude to China Studies for this enrichnig event, blending education and enjoyment. It embodied the festival’s spirit – celebrating Chinese culture, bringing people together in cultural exchange.

As we bid farewell to this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, anticipate more exciting cultural events from China Studies and other programmes at the Department of Global Studies.

Image credits: Sasha Denae Juul Nielsen

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