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Internship in Ceará

By Amalie Berthelsen

Greetings from Ceará, Brazil!

My name is Amalie and I am currently a Master’s student at the programme Global Area Studies – with a profile in Brazilian Studies.

This fall I am doing an internship with the Danish-Brazilian NGO “Victory Association”, which is based in the countryside near Fortaleza working with children and women in the local community.

Amalie Internship

During October we conducted a project called Breath of Life Brazil together with a group of Danish artists and Brazilian partners, which ended out in an exhibition in a cultural center in Fortaleza.

It has consisted of creative workshops with the cearenses (people living in Ceará) – children, women. It also involved an institute working with mental health, a cultural center and an organization working with people on the streets. The focus in the workshops has been hopes and dreams, where the participants have had the chance to express their hopes and dreams through the arts and share a part of their story.

It has resulted in art full of stories, dreams and hopes which altogether made up the exhibition. So many stories from cearenses in different life situations.

It has been a very special time with a lot of insights, life stories and being the whisper in someone’s ear translating both language and culture, which has put my skill set from university into play. 

Abraços from Fortaleza,

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