Global Studies

Internship in Germany

I got an internship in Cologne, Germany, with the IT software company Silexica GmbH. Here I worked as a core member of the marketing department, responsible for the Japanese and English online communication channels.

In addition, I also played an active role in the business plans that affected the Japanese office. Among other things, I was helped to communicate and coordinate business plans between HQ in Germany and the office in Shin-Yokohama, which I also had the opportunity to visit later in the course.

During my course, I have gained experience in online marketing, strategy development, event management, communication with internal and external stakeholders, sales operations, etc. The internship has given me a deeper understanding of the situations that can arise in a multicultural, international company. 

It has made a difference for me subsequently, as I had to find a full-time job after university. 

I also had the opportunity to experience German culture and feel how a startup company motivates its employees through monthly team events and shared lunches with food from different cultures. While I was an intern, the office consisted of employees from approx. twenty-four countries, so there were good opportunities to get an insight into other cultures and languages ​​while in the office.


My advice would be that you should not be afraid to think of alternative plans in terms of location and seize the opportunities that arise!

The internship is to gain an insight into a new world and create a new framework with the theoretical tools that we have with us from the study.

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