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Dear Global Studies community,

We are proud to announce the launch of our YouTube channel for the Department of Global Studies!

We hope you all join us on this academic journey as we share the world of Global Studies to a wider audience.

Our aim is to bring thought-provoking academic content through our insightful recorded lectures to the world. We are also excited to provide the opportunity for our students and academics to share their favourite lectures with their friends, and give anyone who missed our top academic content another chance to enjoy it. 

We hope to make this channel a hub for knowledge and discussion!

Our first upload is of Professor Louise Young and her insightful lecture titled ‘The Empire Boom: Insights for Interimperial History-writing’.

She explored Japan’s evolving imperial narrative from the end of the Cold War to the present day, uncovering the immense potential this scholarship holds for understanding transimperial and interimperial dynamics.

Watch part one (and two) of her lecture now:

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