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Event at EXPO art


Mosaic by Katharina Welper
Performance by Sandro Masai

On Tuesday, 18 April, 2023 the AU Brazilian Studies staff organized an event in cooperation with local Brazilian artist Katherina Welper at the local art gallery called Tese. 

In addition to the art exhibit EXPO art E BRASIL – Contemporary Brazilian Art Exhibition, there were three performances by members of the Brazilian diasporic community in Jutland. 

The first was an Afro-Brazilian dance, song, ritual performance by Sandro Masai

The following performance was by Ana Luisa Ulsig who presented a moving theatrical piece of her own authorship and design. 

Finally, Brazilian photographer and graphic and sound designer Mariana Gil performed a series of video and sound collages. 

The event, which was part of the Brazil Week 2023, was a popular success with over 100 people in attendance.  

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Theatrical Performance by Ana Luisa Ulsig
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