Global Studies

Global Studies Annual Lecture

Featuring a guest lecture by Professor Louise Young

Luoise Young

Last Wednesday, on September 27, the Department of Global Studies hosted an event featuring Professor Louise Young from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Professor Young delved into the world of Japan’s new imperial history, with her lecture titled ‘The Empire Boom: Insights for Interimperial History-writing’.

She explored Japan’s evolving imperial narrative from the end of the Cold War to the present day, uncovering the immense potential this scholarship holds for understanding transimperial and interimperial dynamics.Offering rich material of layered imperial formations, the case of Japan offers the ability to think through intersections of multiple empires in a single region, not least as it relates to Brazil, China, India, and Russia.

You can watch a part of her lecture in this clip:

Louise is a historian of modern Japan and a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We are delighted to have her as a guest lecturer at the Department for the autumn of 2023. 

Watch the full lecture now, on or YouTube channel: Part one & Part two

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