Global Studies

The Power of Memes

In Ukrainian Online Resistance

On October 24, we welcomed Tine Munk, a Senior Lecturer in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department at Nottingham Trent University.

She delivered a compelling presentation called “Click, Share, Resist: The Power of Memes in the Ukrainian Online Resistance.” Drawing from her recent book, “Memetic War: Online Resistance in Ukraine,” Munk discussed the significance of memes as powerful tools for countering propaganda and misinformation in the digital age.

She demonstrated how social media platforms have become battlegrounds for information, where memes play a pivotal role in shaping narratives. Memes simplify complex ideas, making them easily shareable and digestible, reaching a broad audience. In Ukraine, state and non-state actors alike are utilizing memes to battle misinformaiton by challenging false narratives.

We are grateful to have attended such an insightful lecture, and thank Tine Munk for her dedication.

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