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Tereza Ventura Brazil Studies Lecture

Guest Lecture: Memory Activism

On November 1st, Tereza Ventura from Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro joined us to give a lecture on her work, titled “Memory activism and the deconstruction of the justice system: ‘no body, no law, no crime’”. She discussed the legal and societal implications of state violence, exemplified with the activism from the mothers against state violence. Thank you, Tereza, for your thought-provoking talk.

The Power of Memes in Ukrainian Resistence

The Power of Memes In Ukrainian Online Resistance On October 24, we welcomed Tine Munk, a Senior Lecturer in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department at Nottingham Trent University. She delivered a compelling presentation called “Click, Share, Resist: The Power of Memes in the Ukrainian Online Resistance.” Drawing from her recent book, “Memetic War: Online …

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